Jennie, Heather, and Airyn

Halloween 1996

Date: Sat, 2 Nov 96 09:43 WET
From: Jennifer Lynn Dailey-O'Cain
Subject: Re: Halloween!!!!yah!!!!

Christopher J Dean wrote:

>dunno if this has been brought up before buuuuuuut...
>is anyone dressing up as someone or something from our beloved show?

Two friends and myself went to a Halloween party as "the one" last weekend. It was basically a walking in-joke. We all wore all black with brightly-colored "ones" (the number one) stapled or pinned to our clothes, and "ranger pins" ("Sinclair" and "Delenn" had lentils glued to theirs -- don't ask -- and "Sheridan" had a big question mark on hers.) We also all wore red buttons that said "not 1/3" (meaning that none of us were part of the 1/3 who would agree with the Shadows' motives).

In addition, we had some other "accessories". "Sinclair" had a cloak, a scar, greying hair, and a sign that said "erat" ('was' in Latin). "Delenn" had a feminine vest, a triangle on her forehead made out of silver glitter, a Halloween "snow globe", and a sign that said "est" ('is' in Latin). "Sheridan" had a black star on one cheek and a white star on the other cheek, a parachute, and a sign that said "erit" ('will be' in Latin). Whenever someone didn't understand the costume, we called over another friend of ours who always does a really good "Zathras voice", and he would explain to others who we were. :-)

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