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HoloMuck Document Room

The following copies of documents on HoloMuck are available:

[from Tanstaafl Center:]
doc/history-of-holo "A Brief History of HoloMuck"

[from the lobbies of every apartment building:]
doc/getting-B-bit How to set up your apartment in order to get a B bit

[from Department of Development:]
doc/holo-scenario (Introduction to the Holo economy, the Tanstaafl County restrictions, and Tanstaafl/ Planet Holo/ outer space divisions)
doc/lot-request How to request a property lot within Tanstaafl County.
doc/lot-building How to build your property with spatial realism and good design.
doc/region-building How to request a region on planet Holo, and how to build it.
doc/quotas HoloMuck's system of "soft" quotas to minimize database waste.
doc/parent-rooms How to use parent rooms in general, and on Holo in particular.

Paul A. Estin