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July 15, 2001

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"Obiwan Kenobi is a hero." That little "Star Wars" reference is how I remember the name of the place I will be spending the next year or two. Obihiro.

This all still seems unreal; in less than three weeks, I shall be flying to the land of the rising sun and Edmonton will be just a mirage of my past. As I did when I went to England, I'm trying to savour all the scents, sights and smells around me so that I can call them up when I need some comfort. I will miss Edmonton and all it holds within its walls, my friends and my family.

Obihiro awaits, though. A city of 174,000 located in the south-east of Hokkaido. The city is surrounded by the Tokachi plain, fertile farmland that produces a great deal of the fresh produce in Hokkaido and Japan. According to the city's website, it sound like there could be some interesting sights in the area:

Some of the main tourist attractions in Obihiro include Green Park, an eight-hectare recreational area located in the heart of the city (complete with a 400-meter long park bench!); the city-owned Yachiyo Farm to the south of the city is known for its sausage-making; the beautiful Iwanai Gorge in the foothills of the Hidaka Mountains; and Gluck Kingdom, an amusement park modeled after a medieval German castle and the town surrounding it.
I've also been told that there are many wonderful hot springs within a short distance of the city. We'll see how I find things when I finally get there, but everything I've heard about the place seems very positive.

Some sites:

Obihiro-shi Official Site
Obihiro Info
Facts About and Activities in Hokkaido
Guide to Hokkaido

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