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August 11, 2001

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Two Years?

I came here thinking I would stay at least two years. Right now, despite the kindness of the Japanese people that I have met, I feel incredibly lonely and isolated. Two years seems like an incredibly long time. I know this feeling will pass, but it certainly is tough right now. There is a phone that sits here in front of me, but I have no one in the area to call to just chat with. One of my predecessor's friends, Griff, has dropped off the keys to Amber's car, his bike to use, some English movies to watch on the VCR, and a turtle to babysit while he goes on a trip. That's helped a bit, but there is still no one to do explore the town with or laugh at some of the crazy things one sees around here.

Speaking of crazy things, everyone has heard about celebrities doing commercials here with the promise that they won't be shown overseas. Well, cartoon characters also get into the scene. Homer Simpson sells some sort of drink on a tv commercial. Popeye, that spinach loving sailor, also swigs a huge stein of beer on a sign of a drinking establishment close to my school.

My school seems huge. I got the tour of it and I can't remember where everything is. It's got three floors with a different grade level on each floor. There is something like 50 staff members at the school although many of them are gone due to it being summer holidays. Even with it being summer holidays, though, there are still probably 30 teachers at the office running student clubs. There is no rest for the sports clubs. Should be interesting when I finally start teaching.

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