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September 4, 2001

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Fairy Tales

Have you ever felt like you lived in a fairy tale world? I'm not talking about a perfect world filled with happy tales, but a place where you gazed about you, agog with wonder at the strangeness of it all.

Every day, I have opened my eyes glanced about, still not quite believing that I am living in Japan. Despite the constant struggle to communicate, the feeling of hopelessness in my illiteracy and the constant surprise at various cultural differences, I can still feel a smile fill my face. This is my life and my life is an adventure.

Some of my students are travelling to Vancouver and so I had a little talk with them at the beginning of this week. Helping them get ready for their trip and seeing their excitement grow, I can't help but get excited myself.

At a different time, I had a lesson with the students where they had to write up some questions and interview me. It was lovely to be able to share a bit of myself with them and many of them ended up trying to ask me more questions than what they had prepared. It was so much fun to be able to interact with the students like that. I think I want to interview some of them and write up small reports to place on an English board that I am creating.

So life doesn't seem to be going to badly. I've made it past the initial culture shock and am slowly adjusting to my life here. Tomorrow I meet someone who might become my Japanese teacher. I am starting to get a routine. I only need a hobby here and I will be firmly settled in. Bit by bit by bit...

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