5/13/02 - I'm frustrated. Really, really frustrated. After all that work last summer/fall, the bike suddenly developed an annoying acceleration problem/loss of power one Saturday morning as I was out with the Rangers, an Ann Arbor riding group. Just suddenly I was barely able to keep it going, even at full throttle, and it came on all of a sudden. Also, it started backfiring on deceleration.

Well, I tried Techron (c), which several folks said worked wonders. I drained the gas, suspicious that I might've gotten a bad tank (since I'd just gassed up the night previous). Then I let it sit all winter, and when the weather started warming, decided to tear the carbs out & clean 'em out. Nowhere near as gunky as I expected, but I set 'em to soak, and cleaned all the non-metal stuff in the aerosol carb cleaner stuff.

Still no (or not much) better. Ack! But I forgot to do the carb synchronization, so Erik & I do that - make some minor mods, and.... no difference. Oh, the valve clearances?.... checked 'em, made some minor tweaks, and.... no difference.

See a pattern yet?

Valve compression is okay, the ignition coil resistance on one side was a little low, so I'm going to take a stab at that next, with a set of coils off a friend's bike that hopefully will work. After that.... damned if I know where to start. Probably call a council of all my experienced biker friends and have a mass scratching of chins & thoughtful 'hmmm'-ing until someone comes up with something else to try.

Aside from 'buy a new bike.' I'm tired of hearing that one. ;)

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