Darkangel post-crash - details

Commentary provided by my friends Erik and David

Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 17:59:39 -0400
Here is what I see. feel free to pass this on to Ken or whoever.

Items need replacing:
exhaust system (from engine to collector)
brake lever
Left mirror
gas tank (ugly but not leaking)
turn signal stalks?

Items questionable or OK:
Instrument cluster scratched and one crack, probably just fine to use.
Front wheel and fork look OK.
One very small dent on front fender.
Brakes mushy - need bleeding at least.
Clutch cable sticky but clutch and gears operate basically OK.
Right mirror and brake master cylinder probably OK.

It looks like the front wheel is leaning a bit to one side compared to the back. With luck this is just a matter of the forks and triple clamps being tweaked, and it can all be loosened and put back straight.

There is no visible frame damage or cracked paint near the head stem. More will show when the tank is off.

Dave did spot some frame damage on the lower right, where the exhaust and tree were crushed against the frame. Fortunately this part of the frame is removable and can (should) be replaced. (This part is made removable so the engine can be removed)

The engine rear head casting is cracked where the exhaust pipe is bolted to the head. With luck this can probably be repaired or improvised without replacing the head.

Highway pegs bent but regular footpegs OK, brake and shift levers probably OK.

Radiator looks OK.

Everything from the middle of the bike back is almost certainly OK.

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