The Heart of Darkangel...

The Horror, the Horror...

OK, well, not really, but I couldn't resist the reference (for those of you who get it). I thought I'd be able to get away with not fixing the exhaust leak I'd created by breaking off one of the exhaust pipe bolt flangey bits, but it has since reared it's ugly head. It all started when the bike started having problems starting while hot (cold starting was no problem), and I discovered that the crack had apparently penetrated into the 'water jacket,' and the coolant was getting into the exhaust system and vice versa (details on how we discovered this is here).

So, anyway, what this means is I need to take the engine out, and take the head out, to see if it can be welded. The guy at Chelsea Motorcycle Supply took a peak at it during Bike Night last Wednesday, and he thought he could probably do it for $20 or so, which would be awesome - but I'm trying not to get my hopes too high.

After spending a lot of time thinking yesterday, I decided to at least try, rather than give up on her. (Figuring prominently in this decision was the fact that, aside from Darkangel, I don't have means for getting another bike - so, wanting to ride, and really not wanting to tear her apart and sell the parts (feels too much cannabilizing a good friend), I decided I *was* stupid enough to try to do this.

And my dear friends at Corsa took pictures.

Wow, she looks really nekkid. Erik & I discussed moving her, and decided to do the "wheelbarrow" thing, if she has to be moved. ... and even more nekkid from the side. Practically could blow away in the wind!

I was in such a hurry to get the head off, I didn't bother to take a picture of it 'til it was already off. A very triumphant Hope

Going about my business, gathering up bolts and such into plastic baggies, and suddenly... ... I realize - SHIT! - I took off the 'wrong' head. Ah hell, I guess I might as well replace the head gasket on this one, too... at least the second one came off a lot faster...

Strange, but the hardest part was getting the ****ing radiator hoses off - apparently they'd grown quite accustomed to being where they were, and resented the disruption. As usual, though, with enough cursing, sweating, grunting, and invocations of deities, it gave up.

This has been a really wonderful, educational experience. As Katherine said today, "well, this means that you can pretty much go anywhere, 'cuz if you break down on the road, you'll know how to fix it." Well, maybe... I'll at least know how to take it apart. ;)

We'll see if I'm still this chipper once I take the head to the shop, and see if they can weld it. Knock wood, and cross fingers, it'll be okay, as I'd really like to get *some* riding in this season...

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