Traipsing Through the MSU Botanical Gardens with Deerslayer

Well, I'm going to throw this one together really quickly, mainly because I want to get Deerslayer's nice photos up on the page.

In short: (in retrospect, maybe not so short)

Met Deerslayer halfway between A2 and Coldwater, in a little one-stoplight town called Artesian Wells.

Found food at Big Boy's. Discovered that my ignition switch is really dying, no seriously, for real this time, in the middle of the road as we leave Big Boy's. Luckily a sweet older couple on a GoldWing trike stop, and the woman has a bobby pin we use to pin the 2 components of the switch together, since it seems to cut out because the've gotten loose.

Drove to MSU Botanical Gardens, "Hidden Lakes," in Tecumseh. We walked around, despite the fact that my boots weren't made for walking - Nice place, and I'm astounded that 'Slayer seems to know way more about plants and trees and flowers than I do. We watch some swans from a distance, and 'Slayer snaps a nice picture of my bike and me looking sweaty and disheveled. He insists that I look nice because I'm smiling, but I disagree.

We drive around a lot of pretty, twisty, hilly trails through the park. Whee! Seems like the MSF course, only pretty. Lots of low speed tight curves, plus hills. Worthy of a second "Whee!" We stop by the little lake and watch the swans with their babies, and I discover that bluegills do this really sorta psychedelic thing where they all go 'round and 'round in circles and make little beds. Kinda dizzying to watch in motion, but the picture catches some of the idea.

We set out & find more twisty roads around there - not really, really twisty, I suppose but fun. Discover that the bobby pin needs frequent adjustment to do it's job. Yech. Luckily not much traffic is out there, and I pull off into the grassy shoulder (ACK! FLASHBACK! FLASHBACK!) and try not to think about hitting trees.

'Slayer escorts me near home, to Chelsea, where we munch on nachos & 'Slayer drinks overpriced beer in a pub, after deciciding that the Common Grill is too fancy for the likes of us biker scum.

'Slayer points me in the direction of home, and I make it back safe and sound, and promptly decide to order a new ignition switch.

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