Newbike, my Kawasaki Z750S...

On the road home from visiting Kyle in Atlanta, 30 miles from home, during a terrifying electrical storm, 'Angel gasped her final breaths and died. May she rest in peace. (Or more likely, in pieces, as I 'release her into the wild' by parting her off on eBay -- a nice way for her to live on through other bikes)

And so - the search began to find a worthy replacement. The problem (not a bad one to have, actually) was that I had gotten so used to thinking that I couldn't afford another bike that I didn't already have it all planned out, what bike I had my heart set on. I *didn't* have my heart set on anything, and I didn't really know what I wanted. I started out looking at cruisers, but really wanted something with a more 'standard' seating position, a la 'Angel and the other early Honda cruisers. Alas, it seems that very few such bikes are still made. And I'd decided that I wanted to stay out of the 80's -- since I did finally have a budget for a bike, I wanted to buy, hopefully, a little more reliability by getting something a little newer.

But nearly all the cruisers I saw had footpegs kicked way forward, and I adamantly wanted feet-under-ass, so I could get up and do 'the bike dance' on long hauls, and move around on the bike to get circulation back into my butt. So... I started looking at.... other bikes.

Newbike is *not*, repeat, NOT, a sportbike [ed. The lady doth protest too much. Yes, Virginia, she *is* a sportbike. And she just might make you a hooligan, with that mighty roar she gets over 7K RPM]. ;) She's a standard. Just because she gets something obscene like 100hp at the rear wheel doesn't mean she's a sportbike. 'Cuz, you know, I don't ride sportbikes. I'm not a sportbike rider. Ergo, Newbike is not a sportbike. [ed. Hah. Just you go on thinkin' that, but I know better.]

OK, I'm going through some adjustments here, cut me some slack. ;>

So - introducing Newbike (she hasn't yet whispered me her name), my '05 Kawasaki Z750S (ZR750K1)!

What sorts of fun farkley things have I done to her? Well, here's the laundry list of 'how do I turned this (NOT A SPORT) bike into a tourer.... (Of course, there's the whole laundry list at, but I'll add things to this list as I actually get them....)

Other things:

Oh, there she is again! Missing her seat, because E & J & I were trying to relocate the turn signals in order to mount the sideracks. Note to self; you shelled out $59.95 for the freaking manual, do not attempt to disassemble the bike (even with the fabulous E present & supervising) without consulting the manual!

And a cool shot I took at night. :)

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