Trip Report 2, wherein Hope discovers Curves are Cool!

From hope Mon Jul 9 01:04:11 2001
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 01:00:33 -0400 (EDT) From: Hope
Subject: Second ride report (brief) (Hope discovers curves are cool!**)

Alas, it was a very brief ride, but a greatly fun one. My first experience with real curves on the road - before I'd pretty much stuck to straightaways with the occasional gently turn, hardly enough to even lean the bike. But this time, my friend Erik and I got to go play on my favorite local road, Huron River Drive, which winds from downtown Ann Arbor to Dexter, along (you guessed it) the Huron River, and through several metroparks. I did pretty well, with few real mistakes - only one spot, on a tight turn on an uphill grade with miscellaneous gravelly bits, where I got a little too close to the double yellow for comfort. Luckily, my MSF training whispered "more press, more lean" and I did just fine. ;) Oh, one other spot where Erik had us pull over somewhat unexpectedly (he started signaling a right turn, which I had interpreted as "turn right up at the light," and he meant as "turn into this driveway *here*) where I found myself needing to kill speed and turn at the same time, heading at a formidable curb, and I had to make the quick decision to turn hard or brake. Good thing for all those practices with quick-stops, and the drilling to never, ever, break and swerve at the same time, and I stopped just shy of the curb.

I need to learn to turn off the (*%&$ing turn signal. That's why Erik had stopped us.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with my head alternately in the Clymer's and poking/prodding at different bits, checking this and that, and making a few minor repairs. I/we managed to fix the loose clutch lever - the pivot screw had practically fused with the lever, and took a lot of WD40 and sanding so it would move smoothly. Now the screw stays put while the lever moves, and hopefully will stay that way, though Erik warned that I might be needing to get a new clutch lever housing (is that what it's called?) if this fix doesn't hold. Also, I finally got my mirrors so they'd adjust right - the right one had been apparently bent and was stuck from some rust in the lock screws (is that what they're called? - gosh, I've a feeling I may become known as Hope "is that what it's called?" D, if I don't watch out. ;). All in all, t'was fun and educational. But not near enough riding for me.

In other news, I've discovered the forums, and have met several other local riders who are willing to get together for rides, so - yay! - I won't be grounded as often. And hopefullly I'll get in enough practice this week that I'll pass the Performance-Based MSF course this Sunday, and have the endorsement a week from tomorrow. :)

- Hope, off to dreaming happy dreams of having her endorsement

**Hey, no jokes, ok? ;)

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