the unofficial unscouts home page

unscouts is a social and support group for bisexual and bi-friendly women* ages 21 and older. We meet in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI, area, and are always interested in new members - if you'd like to hear more about us, send mail to Tammy, the new e-mail contact person (thanks a million, Tammy!), and she'll fill you in.

We're an eclectic bunch, and we have bi-weekly (or is that semi-weekly, sarah-marie? ;) meetings as well as sporadic events and outings to movies or local queer bars, and the topics of discussion range from "identifying as bisexual in a monogamous relationship," to bisexual activism, to bisexual sex, and whether egg tarts are best eaten cold or warm. "Tangents 'r us." We had a grand time when Lani Ka'ahumanu came to give the keynote speech at University of Michigan's Queer Pride Week, and we're hoping maybe to do something organized for Michigan Pride this year? (sez hope, hopefully)

Interested? Come join us. We're not the Girl Scouts, baby!

*women - is defined in this context as "those who identify as women."

Check out the new list of Bisexual links, courtesy of Stephanie and Holly - let me know if you have any more to add...

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