1884 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY Street Directory

This street directory was scanned from microfilm prints of the 1884 Buffalo City Directory. Buffalo city streets were renumbered in 1868 as described on the first page of the directory.

Use it in combination with the 1855-1890 Buffalo Ward Map or the description of the ward boundaries to determine in which ward an address is located. Then, consult the list of microfilm reels to determine which reel you need. The list includes microfilm numbers used by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), as well as catalog numbers used by LDS Family History Centers.

(Wanted: the order of Erie County towns on the 1880, 1910 and 1920 microfilm reels, as well as on the State Census reels. Also Wanted: a corresponding list of the stamped microfilm page numbers, as used by Ancestry.com and other scanned census images, on each reel. Contact me at maggi@intranet.org.)

page 17: Instructions and Abbey - Avenue A
page 18: Avenue A - Broadway
page 19: Broadway - Circle
page 20: City Ship Canal - Dewitt
page 21: Dewitt - Exchange
page 22: Exchange - Genesee
page 23: Genesee - Herkimer
page 24: Herman - John
page 25: Johnson - Main
page 26: Main - Mortimer
page 27: Moselle - Parish
page 28: Park - Rhode Island
page 28: Rich - Slips
page 30: Sloan - Terrace
page 31: Terrace - Warren
page 32: Washington - York

The thirteen ward boundaries in 1884