8/16/2000 new stuff:

Magickal Music - reviews Bird Songs - chants in MP3 format

5/26/2000 new stuff:

BardicArts: Song, Chant, Poetry, Stories and Satire for the Pagan Community
Crossing Over: the Music of the Isle of Apples
Music and Poetry
Tamarra James - Carpe Noctum
The Wiccans Home - Book of Shadows Pt 2 - Simple Chants
A Revels Garland of Song
Yet Another Digital Tradition Page
Pagan Music
Wicca Radio Network!
Ambient Visions Wiccan/Pagan Music Page
Dana Mase "Welcome"

1/5/2000 comment: Lots of this is old. I'll get around to addressing it soon.

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