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I have placed the following stuff here for your enjoyment and education (copyright fair use) and for my own ego boost (that's what a web page is for, isn't it?). I still retain copyrights for everything I've done. If you want to redistribute any of this stuff, you must contact me to make arrangements. There are additional copyrights on the (music) pieces I've arranged; I'll try to get additional information on those.
3-D Animations
These are now here.
Okay, I guess there's only one of them, so it should just be, "Essay".
These are .midi versions of things I have arranged.
  • Somewhere, Out There (in progress) last updated 30 Jun 96

    A Flute solo with piano accompaniment, which I arranged in about 1987 for a Flat Rock High School (in Michigan) concert for a woman named Kim Coulson. Actually, since I was both piano player and arranger, I decided it should be more a piano/flute duet than a flute piece with piano accompaniment.

    Kim, wherever she is, still has the sheet music for the flute part (unless she's thrown it out; regardless I don't have it). Luckily I still have a tape of a practice run we did, so I'm transcribing the flute part from that.

    The piano part is now all there, and the flute part is about 2/3rds done.

  • My arrangement of George Winston's Variations on the Kanon last updated 12 Mar 98

    A composition from his December album. This .midi file is nearly complete but not refined. The repeat of a section in the middle is missing; also, there are two more sections that go at the end (with repeats A A A B B plus improvisation) which do not have the pedal. The final parts don't have tremolos. I didn't go back and try to make things sound good, I just tried to get it to look good in the program I'm using. Hopefully it will look good for you, too.

  • The start of my arrangement of Billy Joel's Nocturne last updated 19 Nov 2000

    A composition from his Cold Spring Harbor album. There was this big green book of BJ's sheet music called "The Complete Collection Volume I", which was followed by a Volume II. Neither one of them had songs from Cold Spring Harbor. So I arranged this one. Newer editions of Volume I now have Cold Spring Harbor music, and I got to peek at the arrangement in there. I like mine better, YMMV.


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