Eggs, Potatoes, and Bacon
Script by Chris Dailey
based on the song by Steve Wood and Tim Mayhew

Hal - a hungry lizard that is having a hard time waking up
Sal - a peppy breakfast maker

TITLE displays "Eggs, Potatoes, and Bacon"
SCENE (fades in): A kitchen with a table. Stove is off camera.

HAL walks slowly in
TITLE adds "by Chris Dailey"
TITLE adds "based on the song by Steve Wood and Tim Mayhew"
HAL sits down
TITLE fades

HAL (sleepily): How long until breakfast is ready?

SAL (off camera): It's just now coming up.
SAL is heard moving things from pan to plate, then enters scene

HAL: It smells great. I'm sooo hungry.
SAL enters scene
SAL: Great, because I made your favorite!
HAL (hopeful): Eggs, potatoes, and bacon?
SAL: You got it! But (pause) we gotta sing the song first.
HAL groans
SAL: That's the rule. No song, no food.
HAL (resigned): Okay, let's get it over with.

SAL: Ready?

HAL: I'm ready.

SAL puts down plates.

SAL (singing): Weeeee're ...
HAL (joining in): Weeee're ...

SAL and HAL (singing): eeeeaaaa-tiiiiiing Eggs

SAL keeps the beat with her hand

SAL and HAL (singing): Eggs, potatoes and bacon
SAL and HAL (singing): We're eating eggs, eggs, potatoes and bacon
SAL and HAL (singing): And if you

SAL (singing): wonder where we're at, we'll be sitting at the placemat
HAL (at the same time): Oooh, oooh, ... ooh, ooh, ooh

SAL (singing): eating eggs
HAL (at the same time): Oooh.

SAL and HAL (singing): eggs, potatoes and baaaa-coooon.

HAL (low voice): Yeah!

SAL: All right!
HAL: So ... now can we eat!
SAL: Yeah, go ahead.

HAL and SAL begin eating.

HAL (with mouth full): You have to work for your food around here.

END CREDITS (cut to black)

"Hal: {actor1}"
"Sal: {actor2}"

Written and directed by: Chris Dailey

"Concept Drawings and Storyboards: Dan Lewchuk"
"Modelling: {}"
"Animation: {}"
"Sound recording: {}"
"Editing: {}"

"Music: Eggs, Potatoes and Bacon
Words and Music by Steve Wood and Tim Mayhew
Copyright ???? Steve Wood and Tim Mayhew
Trying to find them to get permission."

"Software: Hash, Inc.'s Animation:Master"

REPRISE SCENE (fades in): In the kitchen, HAL is done, SAL has a little left.
HAL points a utensil at SAL's plate.
HAL: So ... you gonna eat all that?

END (cut to black): Final note.