Minesweeper is a game written by Chris Dailey in Java using Swing. Current requirements are Java version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, or 1.4.1 and JavaWebStart. If you don't have JavaWebStart, get the latest version of Java, which includes it.

Date Version WebStart distribution Jar Java Source
NOW LATEST Minesweeper Latest Latest Jar File. Latest Source
Sun May 19 11:25:01 MDT 2002 1.1 Minesweeper1.1 1.1 Jar File
59286 bytes
19161 bytes
Sat Jan 5 17:01:56 MST 2002 1.0 See below. See below. Source
15285 bytes
Sat Jan 13 08:56:03 MST 2001 1.0 Minesweeper1.0 1.0 Jar File.
50391 bytes
See above.


Version 1.1 features the basic game play. The following table shows what the mouse clicks on squares do while the game is started.

Square State \ Operation Left Mouse Button Right Mouse Button
COVERED Set the square to UNCOVERED.
If there is a mine, the game ends (lose).
If all empty squares are uncovered, the game ends (win).
Otherwise the game continues.
Set the square to FLAGGED.
UNCOVERED Nothing if the number of flags in adjacent squares equals the number in the uncovered square
   UNCOVER adjacent covered squares
   temporarily highlight adjacent covered squares
FLAGGED Nothing Set the square to QUESTIONED.
QUESTIONED Nothing Set the square to COVERED.

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