1:30 - meet at Dexter Huron Metropark to car pool to Hudson Mills (this is so all the cars don't end up upstream, and the canoers downstream) This is not mandatory - you could figure it out with friend or guests beforehand, so that someone will drive your car to Dexter Huron if you are canoeing - we are just trying to minimize the need to shuttle people later.

2:00 - ceremony in Hudson Mills Metropark. It is at the River Grove site on the bridge over the river

2:30 - ceremony completed. Picture taking and canoe loading

3:00 - canoes take off, reception begins for non-canoers

4:30 - 5:00 - the canoe trip takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, so we should be arriving about now

6:00 - dinner is served (catering by Zingerman's)

And you can probably figure out the rest - there will be DJ and dancing; volleyball, frisbee and other "outdoor fun"; Eric's mom will be holding a "magic circle" to celebrate the solstice (a voluntary activity of course); and probably other surprises even I don't know about!

Theoretically, the park closes at dusk - but it's the longest day of the year, so dusk will be quite late. And we've been told we could stay later without too much fuss, but after 8 hours in the sun (I just refuse to even imagine it not being sunny...) we'll probably all be ready to go home.

Don't forget to bring your sunblock!

Thanks to...

Many people have helped to make this event a reality, and we wanted to show our appreciation for them.