Some photos from APC7

Here are a number of photos I took during my trip to the US for APC7. They're not all of the con itself - I've included a few from other parts of my travels as well, in case folk might find them interesting. I have a lot of other shots of the con that haven't been included, mostly because they have people in them who I haven't been received specific permission to publish pics of, or because I can't remember who a goodly number of people in the shot are, and thus can't be sure of permission issues.

I apologise that so many of the shots are blurry. My excuse is that I was using a borrowed camera that I was unfamiliar with and I miscalculated how it would handle low light situations. But I figure that blurry pics are better than none at all, so I've included them anyway. Oh, and on the subject of blurring - if someone's face appears deliberately blurred on any of these pics, it's probably because I couldn't remember their name and I didn't want to publish identifiable pictures of anyone without permission, but other than them the pic was ok to publish. So if you see yourself blurred out in any pics and would like to be de-blurred, feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do!

In Minneapolis the week before APC7

The Minneapolis-to-Seattle trip on the Empire Builder train


The Seattle Hair Party

A couple of days after APC7 finished, those of us who were still in Seattle and feeling so inclined got together at Kylee's place and had a hair dyeing party.

Around the SF Bay area after the con

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