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(last updated 2000/5/10; currently under re-construction)

Wearing silly hats: See picture.

Reading: Three categories predominate:
(1) "current events" reading from different perspectives,
(2) varied nonfiction (my most influential writers range from S.J. Gould to P.J. O'Rourke), and
(3) a fair amount of SF; favorite authors include The Usual Suspects-- Heinlein and Bradbury early, Niven and LeGuin later (also Vonnegut, even though he refuses to be classified as SF), Vinge and Ellison of late. I am a member of the local SF fandom group, the Stilyagi Air Corps.)

TV Guide online
Yahoo: Television Shows
(I currently watch:)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The Simpsons
"The X-Files" | X-Files reviews | "X-Files" (Rutgers site)
Ally McBeal
(I previously watched:)
"Babylon 5"
Street Legal
"TV Nation"
ST:TNG Reviews
ST:DS9 Reviews
Space: Above and Beyond
Comedy Central schedule Daniel Drennan's hysterical weekly wrapup of 90210

Internet Movie Database
Movie showtimes

Comics: I don't read nearly as many comic books as I used to, but I do still have such favorites as Sandman and Cerebus.

  • Other links:
    FAQ for the rec.arts.comics hierarchy | Comics: Alan Moore proposal for Twilight | The Comic Strip (includes Dilbert) | "The Dreaming" (Neil Gaiman)

    Music: Since getting a CD maker for my computer, I've had lots of fun constructing CD mixes. I have a particular love of "weird songs that are listenable multiple times". There is no musical genre from which I don't like at least one artist, but I listen predominantly to rock and folk, with a fair amount of classical also. Tons of friends have turned me on to various genres and musicians, and I'm always open to new artists. Very few things haven't "stuck" after introduction and repetition... I'm even starting to like opera, which I never expected.

  • Other links:
    The Foremen

    Radio: I listen to radio sometimes, mostly when driving. Lately I listen mostly to talk radio, especially NPR.

    Net-related activities: I'm on various mailing lists, but I no longer read or post regularly on any newgroups. (Up until 1993, though, I edited the FAQ for the rec.arts.comics hierarchy.) My main present-day net.activity is HoloMuck, on which I'm "Chancellor Snark".

    Other: Recently moved to Boston and looking for things to do. :-)

    Hobbies I miss: There are the hobbies I used to do a lot of, but which I haven't experienced much since moving out of Chicago in '91. These include writing fiction, playing in RPGs, playing tennis, playing table tennis, participating in theater, and watching theater-- I especially miss Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, which you should definitely go see if ever you're in Chicago. I also don't travel as much as I'd like to.

    Miscellaneous links:
    astronomy | another astronomy site | ConFusion | Libertarian Party | mood disorders | FTL-paradoxes | Chomskybot | Traffic reports | Transhumanism | Transhumanism 2 |
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