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HoloMUCK homepage

HoloMUCK address starting 2001:
holo.bluecows.com 5757 or 5757.

  • Department of Everything

    * Introduction to HoloMuck:
    HoloMUCK is an online MU* game. It's sort of like a text adventure computer game except that there other people who are walking around with you, and you can build parts of the world yourself. HoloMUCK has a history dating back to Februrary 1992, starting as a closed muck on a computer system in central Maine, evolving into a public muck with a following based on Callahan's, Pern, and FluxMUCK, and has now become the largest daemonmuck-based server on the Internet, residing in Montreal, Canada, and running on a NeXT 68040 computer. HoloMUCK has players from places as diverse as Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada, South America, and even the south pole. Unlike some other online games, which tend to be overly hack-and-slash, HoloMUCK's focus is more social. Although people can do "role-playing," folks are encouraged to just "be themselves."

    If you know how to use tinyfugue or some other client program, the address is now holo.rodents.montreal.qc.ca 5757 or 5757. If you don't know what to do, you can simply read the file "Start Here" (which explains the bare essential commands of HoloMuck); then you can click here (HoloMUCK) to connect. Enjoy!

    * Among HoloMuck's many attractions:
    Friendly folks, the game rooms in the Mirror Image Tavern (Lotto, Yahtzee, Oh Hell, etc.), Callahan's Place, the business at 201 West Main Street (over 18 only), the Amirthi River (which actually flows), the fantasy regions of planet Holo (Narnia, Snark Forest, etc.), and (for those of a more militaristic mindset) the space combat game. On HoloMuck, "To everything its place."

    * "Start Here" (the bare essential commands of HoloMuck)
    * "A Brief History of HoloMuck" (doc/history-of-holo, as seen in Tanstaafl Center)

  • Department of Player Relations (Chancellor JT)

    * Links to HoloMuck players
    * Results of past Holo "vote"

  • Department of Building (Chancellor Snark)

    * Map Room (maps of planet Holo and areas therein)
    * Document Room (documents pertaining to Holo, as found in Tanstaafl City Hall)
    * What's a Snark, anyway?
    * Snark in Real Life (Paul's homepage)

  • Department of Commerce (Chancellor Laurel)

    * Rules for the HoloMuck economy

  • Department of NASA (Chancellor Radagast)

    * Outer Space resources (This site is currently out of operation.)

  • Department of the Internals (Chancellors Mouse and Sinjar)

    * Applying for a M(ucker) bit
    * MUF: Tutorial
    * MUF: Primitives (list of the commands)
    * MUF: Example
    * MUF: Encyclopedia of TinyWorld
    * MUF: Macros
    * MUF: Editor help

    Other Holo web pages:

    Hakon's interactive Holo maps

    Paul A. Estin