Book Eighth: The Wicked Poor Man

I. Marius, While Seeking A Girl In a Bonnet...
II. Treasure Trove
III. Quadrifrons
VI. A Rose in Misery
VII. A Providential Peep-Hole
VI. The Wild Man in His Lair
VII. Strategy and Tactics
VIII. The Ray of Light in the Hovel
IX. Jondrette Comes Near Weeping
X: Tariff of Licensed Cabs: Two Francs an HourXI. Offers of Service from Misery to Wretchedness
XII. The Use Made of M. Leblanc's Five-Franc Piece
XIII. Solus Cum Solo, in Loco Remoto, Non Cogitabuntur Orare Pater NosterXIV. In Which a Police Agent Bestows Two Fistfuls on a Lawyer
XV. Jondrette Makes His Purchases
XVI. In Which Will be Found the Words to an English Air Which Was in Fashion in 1832
XVII. The Use Made of Marius' Five-Franc Piece
XVIII. Marius' Two Chairs Form a Vis-a-Vis
XIX. Occupying One's Self with Obscure Depths