Vintage Confusion Programming Schedule

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  5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12pm     9am 10am 11am Noon 1pm   2pm 3pm 4pm 4:30pm 5pm 5:30pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12pm     10am 11am Noon 1pm 2pm
Central Park   Artist Check-in/Art Show Art Show Closed   Central Park   Art Show   Art Show Tour (Chaffee, Asplund) Art Show Art Show Closed             Central Park Art Show Art Show Closed  
Annex A     Massage Workshop (Bartlett)   Y2K and the Odometer Mentality (Arlow, Kestenbaum) The Case for Mars (Beyer, Ohlandt)       Annex A     Images and Ideas: the Art of Creativity (Chaffee, Asplund, Lieder) And the Moral of the Story Is… (Reynolds, Zettel, Piziks) The Convention Computer Room: Cool Tool or Passe Tradition? (Wollenslegel)   Science Fiction and Media (Roe, Estin, DOC) Disneyfication (Glasser, Arlow, Freon) Gaylaxians Mad Libs (Freon, Davroz)   Safety Girl (Brown)         Annex A       Massage Workshop (Bartlett)  
Belle Isle SW Setup The Snowy Formal   Belle Isle SW   Ring of Steel demo Regency Dance (Jennifer Dye) Setup   What is SFOHA? (DeVore, Tucker-Shaw) State of Fandom (Mann, Fan GOHs) Getting It on Tape (SFOHA meeting) Formal Autograph Session (GOHs, Zettel, Piziks, Koja, Reynolds, McLaughlin) Setup I-Scream Social (begins 7:30) GoH speeches (8:30) BBC Dance (begins 9:30)   Belle Isle SW Old Thyme Religion (Altergott) Setup Scams and Authors (Zettel, Piziks, Leutheuser)  
Belle Isle NE   Belle Isle NE     Bujold Interview (Owsley) Djerassi Interview (Childers) Irony in SF (Bujold, Koja)   Strong Women, Not Fake Men (Bujold, Koja, Zettel, Kofmel) Sex and Reproduction in 2050 (Bujold, Djerassi, Gehm) Science in Fiction (Djerassi) Fan GOH Induction   Belle Isle NE   Belly Dancing (Leutheuser, Zettel) Setup Open Mind in Fandom (Kofmel, Kestenbaum, Dundas)  
Theatre     Neo Panel (Kauppi, Roe) Opening Ceremonies   Immaculate Misconception (Djerassi)     Theatre     Setup Bab 5 Quiz (Estin, Coon, Darling, JDOC) Setup   NO: Behind the Scene of Viagra (Djerassi, Gehm) Doug Chaffee's Slide Show   Setup Tom and Pete Show Art Auction     Uncle Richard's Trash Video   Theatre   Alternative Genders and Sexualities (Bujold, McDaniel, Kofmel)   Creating Cultures in SF (Bujold, Estin, Coon, JDOC)  
Griffith     N.Tucker Shaw Interview (Tucker)   Medicine and Social Change - Past and Future (Bujold, Djerassi, Gehm, Harris) Urban Primitives (Kofmel, McDaniel, Rozian)       Griffith     Neo Panel (Kauppi, Roe)   Worldcon Bid Process (DeVore, Glicksohn, Rest)   Meeting People on the Net (Childers, Wollenslegel, Estin, Chris and Jo Bartlett) Best Genre Books You've Never Read (Brown, Lieder) Food, Fandom, and the "Perfect Body" (Coon, Dundas, JDOC)   Reading the Stuff: Shards of Honor (5:30-6:30, Chad) Literary Lounge (Tabaczewski) (begins 6:30)               Griffith       Coffee with Dr. Djerassi  
Annex C (filk)         Dorsai Filk Open Filk   da boid sings at midnight   Annex C (filk)     Filk Breakfast Open Storytelling Newsong Jam     That's Filk?             Filk at 11 Humor Jam Open Filking da boid sings at midnight…again   Annex C (filk)       Decadent Dave and Friends (Clement) Open Jam
Annex B (gaming)                   Annex B (gaming)   Slot Cars   Slot Cars/Games Workshop Miniature and Roleplay     Annex B (gaming)   Open Gaming
Treaty Oak     Coffee with Lois   Critiquing Manuscripts (Zettel, Piziks, Leutheuser, McHenry)         Treaty Oak   Writer's Workshop Part 1 (Gardner) Coffee with Nancy and Howard Coffee with Anne Harris       Acrylic Demo (Asplund)                     Treaty Oak   Writer's Workshop Part 2 (Gardner)    
Golden Gate (teen)         BYO Art (Chaffee, Asplund, Lieder)         Golden Gate (teen)   Teen Massage (Bartlett) Twister (Freon) Safety Girl (Brown)     Dinner/Social Chat Party Games           Golden Gate (teen)          
Burnham (KidF)     Active Games Marker Creativity           Burnham (KidF)     Stories and Songs KidFilk Ink Stamps     Cardboard Forts                         Burnham (KidF)          
Fairmont A     Awakening (Dragonstorm) Wisniewski     Fairmont A   MIB - Missing in Black (Stalking the Night Fantastic) Gross               LARP Registration Vampire LARP (Blumberg)     Fairmont A   Open Gaming
Fairmont B     Puppetmaster (Stalking the Night Fantastic) Gross     Fairmont B       Introductions (AD&D) Doherty   Introductions (AD&D) Doherty         LARP Registration Vampire LARP (Blumberg)     Fairmont B  
Atrium       Dive-in Movie     Atrium             Kidfusion Swimming       Splat! (Dennis setup)                 Atrium          
KidFusion Suite                   KidFusion Suite                 Balloon Beings!     Pizza Party Pajama Movie Sleeping     KidFusion Suite          

Last Updated on 1/7/99
By Tracy Worcester