Update, December 2005

Finding my way home....

Things have gotten much better - 2004 was year full of pain and tumult, loss and growth. Loss of my father, and of my dear friend , and a serious breakdown that threw me for a loop midsummer and took me nearly all autumn to recover from. But I learned a lot, and have also been continuing on the journey of coming to terms with/finding peace with my breakdown, "the Big One of '00" as I've come to semi-jokingly call it, my resultant diagnosis with manic-depressive illness, and the shockwaves in my life (and those around me) that all of that has caused.

But back to where I am now - a much better place. I'm thankful for my warm and welcoming home, and glad to be finding time to 'nest' and make it more of a home. I'm happy that I'm now making music regularly - I'm a member of the Ann Arbor Concert Band, the Canton Big Band, the Treetown Sax Quintet, and Ever After Productions' Seussical the Musical. It's busy, but it feels very good. :)

I'm also very grateful that I, with the Good Head Shrink and my therapist, have finally found a medication cocktail that helps me to be my best self, and doesn't hinder me with annoying side effects. My diabetes is also under good control. I'm finding joy in being happy without being manic, feeling sadness/grief without the crushing yoke of depression, and feeling the whole range of my emotions without feeling like a blunted, greyed-out zombie (like some meds have rendered me).

Life is good, dare I say. Now, if only I could ride my motorcycle in the snow, things would be excellent. :)

Who am I?

With wishes for peace, health, and happiness to all in 2006 and beyond...

~ Hope